Dental Hygienist - Job Description

Equipment Management

  • Check treatment rooms for cleanliness; make necessary changes
  • Check and set-up treatment room equipment and workstation (Log-in to computer/Dentrix) Review patient charts/huddle 15 minutes prior to beginning day.
  • Clean treatment rooms after each visit by discarding all disposable items, assembling soiled instruments, and placing them in sterilization area and cleaning treatment room surfaces with disinfectant solution
  • Presoak soiled instruments and place them in an ultrasonic cleaner tank
  • Package and load instruments into the proper sterilizer
  • Store instruments in appropriate places
  • Clean up treatment rooms at the end of the day; turn off equipment
  • Maintain a supply inventory for treatment rooms (primarily hygiene operatory)
  • Inform dental assistant of any supplies that require re-ordering
  • Make an annual clean-up of storage areas for the practice

Patient Management

  • Carefully review patient medical and dental history forms
  • Prepare patients for treatment; explain scheduled treatments to patients
  • Communicate with patients in a clear and professional manner
  • Patient treatment according to schedule (with exceptions)
    • Alert dentist/assistants when patient is ready for dentist exam.
    • Set ‘Complete’ patient treatment & services.
    • Complete patient treatment notes accurately for the day.
  • Accurately chart each patient’s periodontal health
  • Provide thorough and gentle prophylaxis to patients
  • Perform scaling, root planning and selective polishing for designated patients
  • Provide radiographs for patients as prescribed by the dentist
  • Provide topical fluoride applications for designated patients
  • Escort patients to the front office after visits
    • Specify next recall or appointment recommendation (3, 4, 6-month recare or periodontal maintenance, fillings etc.)
    • Ensure any prescriptions are signed by dentist and specialist referrals are written and given to patient
  • Provide post-treatment instructions and materials to patients
  • Assist dentist with other hygiene appointments if time permits and dentist is running behind of schedule
  • During down time
    • Stock carts
    • Fill water bottles
    • Help assistants turn-over rooms
    • Empty trash

Clerical (if time permits)

  • Maintain daily phone list of patients who require follow-up call by dentist (after work call back)
  • Assist the receptionist and business administrator with telephone as needed.
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