Dental Emergencies

What to do in case of a dental emergency

Knocked out permanent/adult tooth

  • Hold the tooth by the coronal end/crown and rinse out with water to remove any dirt/debris
  • Do NOT remove any nerve or gum tissue that may be attached to the root of the tooth;
  • If possible, re-insert the tooth into the socket where it was dislodged, OR place in a cup with milk
  • Call us on our emergency line 480-442-3627 – Chances of saving the permanent tooth is highest when seen by a dentist within one hour

Pain and/or Swelling in the mouth associated with a cavity or damaged tooth

  • NEVER use ice. Use warm salt water to rinse/gargle vigorously and apply a warm compress to side of face where swelling is noted
  • Infections and resultant swelling need to be treated with an antibiotic as soon as possible – please call our emergency line 480-442-3627

Crowns or Bridges coming off

  • At home remedy – pinch of kitchen flour, strands of cotton fibers, drop of water
  • Remove any food debris or cement from the underside of a crown or bridge
  • Take a pinch of flour, several strands of cotton fiber, a drop of water, and mix together into a slurry mix
  • Place a very small amount into the underside of the crown and seat the crown back on the tooth and push down firmly to allow full seating of the crown on the tooth
  • Off the shelf remedy – Most drug stores and discount stores (Target/Walmart) sell a temporary cement paste that works in a similar way
  • NOTE: Use a very thin and small amount because the paste tends to be thicker so that complete seating of the crown may not occur
  • Call our office 480-788-3627 to schedule an appointment to have the crown/bridge evaluated and possibly reseated
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