Dental Assistant - Job Description

Equipment Management

  • Check treatment rooms for cleanliness; make necessary changes
  • Check and turn on treatment room equipment
  • Accurately prepare trays for treatment according to each patients’ treatment (preferably night before)
  • Set-up treatment rooms for 1st hour patients the night before
  • Clean treatment rooms after each visit by discarding all disposable items, assembling soiled instruments, and placing them in sterilization area and cleaning treatment room surfaces with disinfectant solution
  • Presoak soiled instruments and place them in an ultrasonic cleaner tank
  • Package and load instruments into the proper sterilizer
  • Store instruments in appropriate places
  • Mix required cleaning solutions and keep them fresh
  • Clean sterilizers and ultrasonic cleaner tank
  • Clean up treatment rooms at the end of the day; turn off equipment
  • Check patient charts and laboratory work orders at the end of each day
  • Maintain a supply inventory for treatment rooms and laboratory
  • Submit supply orders to business manager once a month or as necessary
  • Make an annual clean-up of storage areas for the practice

Patient Management

  • Escort patients into treatment rooms and make them comfortable
  • Prepare patients for treatment; explain scheduled treatments to patients
  • Communicate with patients in a clear and professional manner
  • Check on patient comfort during treatment; helps allay patient anxiety
  • Hand dental instruments to dentist in an accurate and timely manner
  • Prepare necessary treatment materials in an accurate and timely manner
  • Enter/take accurate notes on the provided treatment
  • Check on post-operative patients
  • Provide post-treatment instructions and materials to patients
  • Escort patients to the front office after visits

Laboratory Duties

  • Pour & Trim Models
  • Mail out and check in cases


  • Maintain daily phone list of patients who require follow-up call by dentist (after work call back)
  • Assist the receptionist and business administrator with telephone, billing, filing, and typing as needed.

Back Office Duties

  • Arrive 15-20 minutes before the first patient(s) seen
  • Set up rooms (Try to complete day before)
  • Unload autoclave and store instruments away
  • Fill ultrasonic with water and tablet
  • Morning huddle (review schedule) begins at 8:45AM
  • Bring patient(s) back into treatment room(s) for dentist and hygienist:
    • For patients new to the practice – Place blood pressure cuff on patient’s left wrist and have patient lay hand across chest, and review health history (PRE-MED, DRUG/OTHER ALLERGIES). Explain that x-rays will be taken (FMX/BWX/PAs) depending on history and take x-rays.
    • For returning patients:
      • Recare – Take x-rays if needed, may begin polishing for child or adult, if plaque or gum inflammation is mild.
      • Treatment – Dependent on initial steps
    • Break down and wipe-down/clean rooms after patient are escorted to front desk after treatment  Run instruments through cleaning cycle:
      • Place instruments/burs in ultrasonic and run when instruments collect. Do not wait till instruments are piled up, then dry and bag as indicated.
      • Place handpieces in Quattro-Care unit (at end of day), then bag as indicated;  Pour, trim models and make bleaching trays and occlusal guards (if trained);  Keep lab area clean
    • Replace traps on chairs every 2-3 weeks or sooner if needed
    • Clean off alginate and PVS impression from trays for cold sterile soaking
    • Sweep/Mop floors every Friday (time permitting)
    • Empty and take out trash from under-sink cabinets, lab area and kitchen as needed  Stock rooms weekly
    • List all supplies that are low (on order sheet in lab)
    • Place order with Dr. Putrasahan’s log-in to Henry Schein website
    • Assist with Front Office clerical duties when back-office duties completed and time permitting.
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