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Complete & Partial Removable Dentures

The primary concern of Logos Dentistry, PLLC is for your health and well being. Therefore, we want to provide you with information on removable dentures so you can make informed decisions about the dental treatments your may choose to have.

Complete & Partial Dentures fall into the category of Removable Restorative Treatment. There are 3 types of removable restorations: Complete Dentures (supported by gum tissue only); Partial Dentures (supported by gum tissue and remaining teeth); and, Over-dentures (supported by roots of natural teeth and/or implants).

COMPLETE DENTURES are further divided into Immediate Temporary Dentures and Permanent Dentures.

  • The placement of Immediate Temporary Dentures implies that the dentures are delivered ‘immediately’ following the removal of existing teeth. This will also mean that the condition of the gums will change over the several months following the extraction(s) as the bony ridges and gum tissue begin to shrink with healing. You should expect your immediate temporary dentures to become more loose since there will be less mechanical support for them. This looseness can be addressed through ‘soft relines’ & ‘tissue conditioning’ which is included in the initial cost of the Immediate Temporary Denture.
  • Within 3-6 months, a more Permanent solution is normally required once healing of the gums is complete. This phase of treatment requires a separate fee. Where possible, the more cost effective, ‘Hard Permanent Liner’ procedure by the lab will be recommended, and you will have to be without your denture for a full day. If changes in your mouth are so much that a hard permanent liner would be ineffective, then a new set of permanent dentures will need to be made, which will require multiple office visits.

OVERDENTURES are essentially Complete Dentures that are supported by remaining tooth roots or implants. This form of denture tends to be more stable due to the retention provided by the roots and/or implants. Not all patients are candidates for this type of denture as it is highly dependent on existing root and/or bone condition. Please ask your dentist about this treatment option.

PARTIAL DENTURES are supported by gum tissue and remaining teeth that act as ‘anchors’ for the clasps.  Depending on the condition of the remaining teeth, the dentist will recommend one of three treatment options:

  • Metal-framework Partial – Remaining teeth are stable and free of active periodontal disease.
  • All-Acrylic Partial – Remaining teeth may have active periodontal disease and are not good ‘anchor’ teeth, and some teeth are expected to be lost within 6-9 months.
  • Flexible All-acrylic Partial – Remaining teeth do not have active periodontal disease, but are not good anchor teeth. However, gum tissue is healthy and will support denture base.

Please ask your dentist if you require clarification on any of the products mentioned above.

To receive a copy of this information sheet, please request from a Logos Dentistry team member or download it here.

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