Preventative Dental Care

“Taking good care of your teeth and gums isn’t just about preventing cavities or bad breath. Preventative Dental Care is about making the Mouth-Body Connection".

The mouth is the window into the health of your whole body. Diseases that affect the whole body (such as leukemia or diabetes) often-times may be first noticed because of gum disease or other problems in the mouth. Preventative Dental Care is an important aspect of your overall health plan.

Because of vast amounts of bacteria in the mouth (some are responsible for cavities and gum disease), the presence of gum disease oftentimes can also be associated with worsening of heath issues such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Semi-annual or more frequent Oral, Head & Neck exams, routine cleanings, periodontal maintenances in conjunction with the following can help to prevent loss of teeth and supporting structures as well as stop further deterioration of oral health.

Diagnostic Digital X-rays and Digital Intra-Oral Photos – Images of your teeth and supporting structures such as the jaw bone and soft gum tissue to evaluate your dental health.

Oral Hygiene Instructions – Instructions on frequency and proper techniques in brushing, flossing, use of mouth wash, and various adjunct oral care products.

Tobacco Counseling – Using tobacco products of any kind (cigarettes, dip, chew, hookah, e-cigs, vapes etc.) is a common risk factor for many chronic diseases including gum disease. Educating patients on these risk factors are intended to reduce the prevalence of Periodontal disease:

Vaping Myths and Realities –

    • Myths: E-Cigarettes produce a harmless water vapor. There is no secondhand vapor.
    • Reality: E-cigarettes DO produce an aerosol that has nicotine, harmful chemicals, and toxins known to cause cancer (among other things). These chemicals and toxins include things like Formaldehyde, Lead, and Nickel.
    • Myth: E-Cigarettes can help people quit tobacco.
    • Reality: E-Cigarettes are NOT approved by the US FDA to help people quit tobacco. Someone who switches from tobacco to e-cigarettes has not necessarily quit tobacco. Especially when the ingredients in the vapor still has nicotine. What has changed is the delivery system.
    • Myth: E-Cigarettes are safe and don’t contain any toxins.
    • Reality: E-cigarettes are NOT risk-free products. These is still delivery of nicotine and low levels of toxins and chemicals – many of the same chemicals found in tobacco products. E-cigarettes are generally NOT regulated, so there is no guarantee to the authenticity of the ingredients being inhaled.
    • Myth: Tobacco companies are not involved in making E-cigarettes.
    • Reality: ALL major tobacco companies now make e-cigarettes. In less than 10 years, these tobacco companies will sell the majority of e-cigarettes in the US.

To receive a copy of this information sheet, please request from a Logos Dentistry team member or download it here.

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