Aesthetic Dentistry

Your health and wellbeing are very important to Logos Dentistry, PLLC. Therefore, we want to provide you with information to help you make informed decisions about Aesthetic Dentistry treatments you may choose to have. This is particularly important when making decisions that may change your smile.

Teeth Whitening

We offer “Take-Home” whitening products for your convenience. As an aesthetic dentistry treatment – these products utilize carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and glycerin in various concentrations that carry out a ‘whitening’ process to lighten discolorations of tooth enamel by oxidizing stains. These solutions have been used in aesthetic dentistry for many years and when used properly, will not cause damage or harm to your teeth and gums.

Most patients will see some results in about 5 days, with optimum results in 10-14 days. Daily treatment times are between 15-40 minutes per day per session, and most patients will find that their teeth will lighten between 1-5 shades on a dentist’s shade guide. We require 5 business days to make custom mouth appliances for the take-home kits.

The following are some potential risks involved with treatment. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

  1. Hot and cold sensitivity of teeth (usually mild and temporary) which will subside when treatment is discontinued.
  2. Ulcers & ‘cold sores’ may appear on the gums and cheeks due to tissue irritation.
  3. Possible damage to nerves of teeth with loose or leaking existing filling, or teeth with cavities – ALL CAVITIES THAT WILL POTENTIALLY COME IN CONTACT WITH THE WHITENING SOLUTION MUST BE TREATED FIRST.
  4. Possible worsening of Periodontal (Gum) disease if whitening is done prior to stabilization of periodontal condition – ALL ACTIVE PERIODONTAL PATIENTS MUST RECEIVE CLEARANCE FROM THE TREATING DENTIST OR HYGIENIST PRIOR TO WHITENING TREATMENT.
  5. Sore throat from swallowing some of the solution.
  6. Possible damage to existing fillings that may require replacement after whitening.
  7. Although there are no known adverse reactions of exposure to 1 or 2 syringes of whitening gel, we recommend that heavy smokers and pregnant women receive permission from their medical doctor prior to beginning whitening treatment.

Provisional Snap-On Appliance

Snap-on appliances as their name imply, are fabricated prosthesis that “snap” on to the teeth (may involve as few as 5 teeth and extend over an entire arch of 16 teeth). Because of the type of materials used, these aesthetic dentistry appliances are considered provisional and generally will require replacement within 3 years when subject to normal, daily use. Many times, snap-on appliances are used as part of a multi-phased approach to aesthetic full mouth re-habilitation. Patients who have experienced excessive wear down of tooth structures or missing teeth that require some type of a provisional “bridge” can look to snap-on appliances as good treatment options.

Partial & Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When a patient’s ability to take in nutrients is severely hindered by the loss of multiple teeth, it may be necessary to turn to implant-supported crowns, bridges and dentures (sometimes referred to as “Hybrid Restorations”) to help re-establish function. We partner with several surgeons in the Valley to provide this type of treatment to the patients of Logos Dentistry.

To receive a copy of this Aesthetic Dentistry information sheet, please request from a Logos Dentistry team member or download it here.

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